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Haha! Love it!

Loved it

I had to almost laugh out loud. But cant since its 7 a.m right now. :P Anyways loved how you poked fun about my show but kept it respectfull.

I never had somebody make a parody of me before so its kind of surreal XD
Glad you liked the show so much and thanks for supporting it.

Funny enough i was looking foward to the second episode. lol XD

Adam-Beilgard responds:

Sweet! I'm glad you liked it!

Sorry I can't make another episode, I don't think this idea could go on too long before it got stale.

Overall, I give your review of my review of your review a 10!


Okay no offence to the others but this one is my favourite. Not is only your voice pleasant to the ear but just the words that come out of it is just soo hilarious.
And the timing on the jokes are just perfect! ;D

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Awesome Game!

I love this game! Its pretty awesome and fun to play! I am honored for being the muscian of this flash game.

One thing though i wish i had MORE time to make more and better custom songs for this game. If i had more time i would have made a custom song for each character.

But alas!

Even though the songs i made for this game are good and both of them got into the Top5 on the audioportal. Still i felt like i could have done better.

Anyways i made a song called RoboSamurai it won 5th place on Robot day i guess i have to thank this game for inspiring me :)

Thanks guyz! <3

Manly-Chicken responds:

You're welcome :D


made this in 3 days? I am very pleased wich is actually expected of you! I am happy with the game i finished it rather quickly but i dont mind i had fun playing :)


Hey awesome game man! Just noticed it lol XD

YoinK responds:

thanks! one of your songs was used for a boss fight. :)

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I am loving the beat bro! Keep up the great work ;)

Hot! Nice beat man! ;)

Very good

Lovely track very nice 2step drum beat. Very catchy tune. One thing though why do you have it in trance? It mostly belong in the misc. or ambient section atleast in my opinion.
Anyways i cant say there is anything wrong with your track.

But it seems way to comfortble not daring to try something new and exciting. Its not trying to be diffrint from other ambient tracks. Yeah, easy said then done but there is nothing wrong in trying something new. Plus you want people to reconice your songs just by ear right ;)

decoyultimatum responds:

sorry i dont usually take a while to respond to these but i wasnt sure what to say

in ambient music usually it lacks structure it flows however which way it wants where as this song even though it has an ambient influence with its soft cool atmosphere but it lacks that laid back i just dont care ambient flow which makes this a song

dont get me wrong ambient music is music just as much as any music its just not a song songs are the story themselves they take you places where as ambient really just sets you up for a story helps but you in the mood

i hope you can understand my crazy thought process and see what i mean sorry for the wait and long reply i just couldnt form the words at the time

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I got a serious case of envy right now >:(

Same with me

Quite lovely. It has this simple charm with it. Wich i cant explain. Thats what you call real art.

Luxembourg responds:

I'm glad you look at it like that. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you like it.


To go even furhter. The FIRST Batman in the comic world did indeed have a gun. So at first glance i thaught you where drawing the old skool comic of batman. And i have to add a pretty god one ;)

dommi-fresh responds:

just another point that makes venomking look even more stupid. heh heh

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