Im BACK! With a BANG!! New mini Album!

2013-03-09 19:58:25 by YouriX

Link for the free demo-mix here:

In Two weeks i will upload my new EP "Hosts Of Angels". It will be available on

If you like what you hear! Post a comment here below and i will PM you when it comes out!
Ofcourse i will make a front page news post when it comes out.

Anywho, has been a long time since i was active here. I had to do intern. So for a few months i was busy and had no time
and inspiration to make a new song or a little animation. But now im back with fresh new ideas!

I have become some of the wiser and such (I think). Hopefully you guys enjoy my presence here and my upcoming project!

Anyways! Dont forget to check my Demo!


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